Throne of Gods

A Brief Respite From Undead
Session 6

Last time the party defeated a necromancer named Verne (he escaped), and his undead Minotaur(beheaded). The party assassin doubts their savior Erik, and Jeff is unnerved by the spell "Comprehend Languages", or whatever reason that Erik understands Jeff's language. In this session, Jeff leaves the party before Laura could tell the group about an offer of free quarters. The rest party goes off to find food and drink before going to sleep for the night. The party bard earned some money for a performance, the party assassin watched Erik for a while, and examined his own equipment. Jeff focused on finishing tests on his patients before getting food. The party went to eventually turned in for the night. About midnight Jeff was awakened by a noise in the church he was staying at. Two large beasts gave chase after him. He dodged down various streets before losing the creatures.


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